Dave Chappelle Travels to Wyoming to Check on Kanye West Amid Meltdown

July 22, 2020

Photo by Evan Agostini Invision AP

If there's one person on Earth who probably knows what Kanye West is going through right now, it's Dave Chappelle. So maybe that's why the 46-year-old comedian traveled to Wyoming on Tuesday to check on the troubled rapper amid his very public meltdown. "THANK YOU DAVE FOR HOPPING ON A JET TO COME SEE ME. DOING WELL, DAVE," Kanye tweeted alongside a video of him and Chappelle at his ranch outside the town of Cody. "YOU ARE A GODSEND AND A TRUE FRIEND. ALL LOVE." In the footage, the 43-year-old 'Ye asks Chappelle, "Dave, can you please just make us smile?" Chappelle replied, "The brotherhood is real. Love is real." After a moment, Kanye humorously says, "Wait a second, I'm still not smiling." Kanye continued to insist on a joke, and after protesting that he was still on his first cup of coffee and doesn't do "uplifting" humor," Chappelle ultimately told him in all seriousness, "Much love," before apparently getting ready to head back to Ohio.