Meghan Markle's L.A. Fans Love That She's Ditching the Royal Rigamarole

January 10, 2020

Photo by John Salangsang Invision for the Television Academy AP Images

Fans in Los Angeles, California, have long felt somewhat of a kinship with former actress Meghan Markle, but now that she and husband Prince Harry are stepping back from royal duties, they support her even more, according to The Los Angeles Times. “I think they have better things to do than to do the royal...they want to lay low and raise a family. This was definitely Meghan’s power move. She wears the ‘princess pants’ in the relationship,” said one L.A. resident. A British expat said, “I think Meghan’s been more popular here [in America] than in the last few months back in England. I think it’d be good if they can find their niche here." However, not everyone seems to think a possible move back to the states would change the pressure the young couple is under. “It will be an issue regardless of where they live--how are we going to live a normal life without being harassed all the time,” said another L.A. area resident.