Robert Pattinson Tops List of World's 10 Most Beautiful Men, According to Scientific "Golden Ratio"

February 6, 2020

Photo by Richard Shotwell Invision AP

Who's the most beautiful man in the world? Science says it's futureBatman star Robert Pattinson. In a new study from cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva, the 33-year-old R-Patz is found to possess the most "accurate" Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, which is said to measure physical perfection. "Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection," De Silva says. Here are the men who made the top 10:

  1. Robert Pattinson
  2. Henry Cavill
  3. Bradley Cooper
  4. Brad Pitt
  5. George Clooney
  6. Hugh Jackman
  7. David Beckham
  8. Idris Elba
  9. Kanye West
  10. Ryan Gosling