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America loves them. Everyone wants to read them, and everyone always wants to contribute to them. We’re talking Lists and Best Of Countdowns. If you spend some time at VH1, you will soon realize that this is their mantra. Top 10 this, Top Moments of that, The Best Of such and such. You know it’s hard to find a cooking show on the Food Network, what with all the Best Diners & Dives, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate, etc. The ESPN networks consistently dedicate broadcast time to an endless array of lists counting down everything from the Best Home Run Hitter to the Best Sports TV Commercial.

It’s clear we have a fascination with being number one, or at least in the Top 5 or 10, and those shows along with the Billboard Music Charts, People Magazine’s Most Beautiful List, even presidential polls, all serve one purpose: to validate what we like and to create controversy when what we like doesn’t make it on the A-list.

Well Top 10 Now & Then is here to validate your tastes, and stir it up a lil bit too. You see, we believe the old adage is true. To Know Where You’re Going, You Have To Know Where You’ve Been. So allow us to present Top 10 Now & Then, the most unique countdown show on the radio today. Top 10 Now & Then takes you back in the day with music, memories, and a look back at all the things that make the Old School cool.

We don’t stop there! Top 10 Now & Then gets you in the know, up-to-date, and in the mix, with what is goin on in today’s music scene. Whether it’s today’s superstars like Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Usher or rising stars like Ne-Yo or Jennifer Hudson Top 10 Now & Then shares the artists and the songs that folks are talking about now. Best of all, it’s interactive as we connect with our audience and seek their input thru all the social networks and new media outlets like FaceBook, Twitter & the Top 10 Now & Then website

Top 10 Now & Then is the countdown show that is designed for America’s Urban Adult audience directly aimed at the core female 25-45 demo. Its reach however, extends into other coveted demos from young to old. The broad based appeal of the music, the polished production values and the major market content of the countdown are sure to make it a ratings winner and a favorite with listeners across the board.

So here it is, Top 10 Now & Then, the perfect addition to your specialty programming mix and an already proven winner in markets from coast to coast. Top 10 Now & Then is hosted and written by award-winning radio personality and music exec. Rick Nuhn, and is produced by Ron Shapiro, creative director, programmer, and producer extraordinaire, who brings over 25 years of experience in countdown shows and syndicated programming to Top 10 Now & Then.

We know you will enjoy our look at today’s Urban Adult music scene, as well as our look back at all the things that make the Old School cool! You will find it all on Top 10 Now & Then.